Can You Cancel A Bet On on Bet9ja

Many bettors, through carelessness, make mistakes. For example, accidentally bet on the wrong outcome. In this case, the question immediately springs to mind: how to cancel a bet on Bet9ja? If you are too puzzled over the solution to this problem, it is recommended to read this article. In it, you will find the answer.

Advice on how to void a bet at Bet9ja

How often have you had the urge to call a bet after placing it? The reasons could be different: changed your mind, bet by mistake, and so on. It is not possible to return the bet without compensation, meaning the entire amount of the transaction in full, but there are other ways which are offered by legal betting shops.

You don't need to contact the bookmaker's technical support. No one will cancel your bet. It will be calculated in any case.

Canceling a bet is a necessary and useful feature for bettors. But in the bookmaker's office Bet9ja is absent. And this is quite logical. After all, the operator is simply unprofitable to implement such a functionality. After all, a mistaken bettor - is an additional profit for the bookmaker. It is fair to say that in this regard, the online betting site Bet9ja is not some kind of villains. The cancellation function, for the reason described above, is absent even in the top betting sites.

Only the administration for its reasons (it is stated in the rules of the bookmaker's office) can make a bet cancellation. So there is no point in writing to support a request to cancel the bet. However, there is a way to cancel a bet at Bet9ja partially. You can learn about it by reading the next section of the article.

But you can minimize the damage of an erroneous bet. To do this, you should make the opposite bet. To make it clear, let us look at a specific situation. Let's take the current at the time of writing the APL match: Liverpool - Crystal Palace. This match has the following outcomes:

  • Total more than 2.5 at odds of 1.43.
  • Total less than 2.5 with a multiplier of 2.77

Suppose you have mistakenly bet 200 KSh on the second outcome. To make up for it, you should bet the same amount on the first event. As a result, if the bookmaker's prediction comes true, and the game ends with a total of more than 2.5, you will lose 200 KSh for the second bet, but the first outcome will play, and you will get 286 KSh. The loss from an erroneous bet will be 114 KSh, not 200, which is almost 40% less.


In the article we talked about how to cancel a bet onBet9ja. Unfortunately, there is no such possibility in the considered BC. But using certain tricks, it is possible to minimize the damage from the erroneous transaction.

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